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During a period of transition, website users may see legacy links or mention of 'EPE' but these are synonymous with PE.


This page summarises a whole year's constructional projects, linking to individual month's pages showing updates or corrections, and photos of the projects and links to the source code and PCBs, where available.


  • You can also visit the Library to access individual month's project pages.
  • Details of Legacy projects from 1998 to 2006 are now online.


Need any help locating files? Check our Library first. You can send a blank Email to downloads@epemag.com and our autoresponder will send back general information. If you need more help finding a file please Email the EPE webmaster and please include the month & year of publication and the project title or we cannot help.


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EPE is changing!

The March 2019 issue represents the very last appearance of Everyday Practical Electronics. From the next issue we will have a fresh new look and a new title - we're reverting to our original name of Practical Electronics but all the regular features and great content will still be here. Be sure to check the newsstands for the new style of PE.


January 2019

1.5kW Induction Motor Controller; Altronics Mega Box; Teach-In 2019 (Part 2); PIC n MIX Extra: Design PCBs with EagleCAD. More details...


April 2019

IR-sensing Heater Controller; Internet-based GPS Time Source; MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser (Part 3); PIC n MIX Design PCBs with EagleCAD. More details...


July 2019

10A Universal motor controller; Recurring Event Reminder; MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser (final); Teach-In 2019 (Part 8); Temperature Switch Mk.2; More details...


February 2019

MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser; 1.5kW Induction Motor Controller (Part 2); Arduino MP3 Player; Mega Box; Teach-In 2019 (Part 3). More details...


May 2019

MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser; 2x 12V Battery Balancer; Deluxe Frequency Switch; USB ORT Protector; Teach-In 2019 (Part 6). More details...


August 2019

Brainwave Monitor; Digital Sound Effects Module; IR PC Controller; Watchdog Door Alarm; PE Theremin (Part 3). More details...



March 2019

10-LED Bargraph; MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser (Part 2); Arduino Earthquake Early Warning System; Teach-In 2019 (Part 3). More details...


June 2019

PE Theremin; MIDI Ultimate Synthesiser; Arduino-based LC Meter; 4GHz digital attenuator; USB Flexitimer; Teach-In 2019 (Part 7). More details...


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