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This page summarises a whole year's constructional projects, linking to individual month's pages showing updates or corrections, and photos of the projects and links to the source code and PCBs, where available.


  • You can also visit the Library to access individual month's project pages.
  • Details of Legacy projects from 1998 to 2006 are now online.


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January 2017

High visibility 6-digit LED GPS clock; 5-element Yagi DAB aerial; High performance valve pre-amp; Audio Out (amplifier power supplies); Teach-In 2016 (last part). More details...


April 2017

Arduino Multifunction 24-bit Measuring Shield (Part 1); Battery Pack Cell Balancer; Microwave Leakage Detector. The Micromite (Part 3): MMBASIC. More details...


February 2017

Solar MPPT Charger & Controller; Turntable white LED Strobe; High visibility 6-digit LED GPS clock (2); High performance valve pre-amp (2); The Micromite. More details...


May 2017

The Micromite Touchscreen LCD Backpack; Arduino Multifunction 24-bit Measuring Shield (Part 2); Precision 230V/115V 50/60Hz Turntable Driver; More details...


March 2017

Conference Speech Timer; Arduino-based Fridge Monitor & Data Logger; Solar MPPT Charger & Controller (Part 2); The Micromite (Part 2); More details...


June 2017

Teach-In 2017 (Part 1): the BBC micro:bit; Ultrasonic Garage Parking Assistant; Hotel Safe Alarm; 100dB Stereo LED VU Meter (Part 1); More details...


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