EPE Online Shop FAQ

Some common questions are answered below. Please contact us if you need more help.

  1. What is a Cookie (and why is this important)?
  2. How do I view or change my Shopping Cart contents?
  3. How do I pay?
  4. How much is postage?
  5. What are the EU countries (and why is this important for VAT purposes)?
  6. Why are the prices shown in the Magazine, different from Online Shop prices?
  7. How can I take out a subscription online?
  8. How can I buy the Electronics Service Manual (ESM) or Modern Electronics Manual (MEM) online?
  9. Where can I buy kits or parts for EPE projects?
  10. How can I obtain project printed circuit boards? (UPDATED)
  11. How do I contact EPE about ordering?


What is a Cookie (and why is this important)?

Cookies are small text files that help with order processing and cannot be used to identify you personally. Our cart cannot work if your web browser does not accept cookies. More independent advice, from the UK Interactive Advertising Bureau, is available here.

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How do I view or change my Shopping Cart contents? How do I remove items?

You're not commited to buying until you enter your payment details into the checkout screen. Use the Shopping Cart icon to view your cart's contents. You can Edit the quantity or press the Remove button to remove an item from your cart.


You can also change your cart on the Checkout screens - use the screen's < BACK button (NOT the 'Back' button of your web browser) instead of CONFIRMing the order. Then press the Shopping Cart icon.


Only when you enter your credit card details in the checkout screen and CONFIRM it, is the order placed. If you leave our web site and return later, the cart may "remember" you. You can use the Shopping Cart icon to modify it or empty it altogether.

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How can I pay?

You can pay by Mastercard, VISA or Maestro debit card (not Electron cards, sorry). There is NO MINIMUM CREDIT CARD ORDER VALUE. Payments are processed on a secure server and all order and payment details are encrypted for security.


All prices are shown in Pounds Sterling. Overseas customers: your credit card provider will convert this into your own local currency and the total will appear on your credit card statement just like any other purchase you make.

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How much is postage?

For online shopping we standardised our postage rates across our entire range. The Online catalogue totals up the weight of your order. We use Royal Mail postage or Parcelforce for deliveries, and postage is added based on weight.


Postage also depends on where you live. The exact postage charge for your order is clearly shown before you confirm your order. Customers outside the EU will usually be offered alternative methods of postage, usually air or overland.

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What are the EU countries? ( And why is this important for VAT purposes?)

The EU member countries are listed on the Europa.eu website here.


If you live in an EU country, you will be charged Value Added Tax (VAT), currently 20% on your order. The Online Shop's Info page gives details of how VAT-registered EU companies not in the UK, can exempt their order from VAT by telling us their VAT Registration Number after they have placed an order.


If you are ordering from outside the EU, you can tick the Tax Exempt box when placing your order. VAT will not be charged.

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Why are the prices shown in the Magazine, slightly different?

To make things easier for online shop customers, we apply a common postage rate for all products.


IMPORTANT: The prices published on our Online Shop apply only to orders placed over the Internet via our shopping cart.


All Online shop prices exclude postage and Value Added Tax (currently 20%). This is then added to all UK and EU orders during checkout. Customers outside the EU do not have to pay VAT at all, and they should tick the "Tax Exempt" box when ordering.


Overall, you'll find that prices and postage charges average out when compared with magazine prices, but you're welcome to place orders by traditional mail/ phone/ fax, in which case magazine published prices will be applied to your order.

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How can I take out a subscription online?

You can subscribe online to a Hard Copy mailed direct from the UK here.

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Where can I buy the ESM or MEM online?

CDROM versions of the Electronics Service Manual and Modern Electronics Manual can be purchased from our UK Online Shop here.

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Where can I buy kits or parts for EPE projects?

We don't supply components or kits for any of our published projects. We offer printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the Online Shop. Components can be sourced from mail order companies and specialist advertisers. Please ensure that all parts are available, before commencing construction of an older project.

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How can I buy project printed circuit boards? (Updated July 2013)

For your convenience the EPE PCB Service can supply PCBs of current and many previous boards by mail order or online.


Starting with the July 2013 issue, we can supply PCBs to the original design specification under their 8-digit order codes (eg 04106121 etc).


Artwork for these designs is available free to EPE subscribers only. Non-subscribers may purchase the artwork file direct from us for a nominal sum. Please contact our Orders Dept for information or to place an order.


Otherwise, boards for EPE projects are "second source" and are glass fibre, roller-tinned and drilled a uniform diameter throughout, and are NOT silk-screen printed. Designs showing double-sided boards are NOT plated-through-hole and vias may need soldering into place. For older boards, please enquire about availability.


How do I contact EPE about ordering?

Please send an E-mail to our Orders Dept. or check our Contact Page for details.

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Microcontroller-based Projects


Many of EPE's projects use a microcontroller from the PIC® family.


For designs published by arrangement with Silicon Chip, pre-programmed devices can usually be bought direct. Please contact parts@siliconchip.com.au.


Otherwise constructors need to program their own device, using free source code files downloadable from our Library. You need suitable hardware and software to do this.


Due to authors' copyright restrictions, source codes for a very small number of projects are not available for download. You will need to purchase a pre-programmed device direct, please refer to the article for details.


For older projects, please ensure all parts are still available before starting construction. Legacy source codes are hosted on EPEMag.Net.



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