Projects in the February 2003 issue of EPE Magazine

Brainibot Buggy
- a low-cost easy to build two wheel buggy with a mind of its own, Brainibot is surprisingly capable given its low cost. Sensitive to light, programmed to avoid obstructions. Brainibot is a great way to learn about PIC microcontrollers, it's entertaining and instructional too. It uses the bare minimum of components including a small 8-pin 12C508 PIC microcontroller which is available ready-programmed. Source code is also available for download, free for non-commercial use only. Also available, PC-programmable version, kits available from Magenta Electronics Ltd.
Brainibot, its source code, programming and design are © Copyright 2003 Analogue Information Systems Ltd. and is free for private, non-commercial use only.

Back to Basics projects
- it's back to electronics grass root level with this new range of simple transistor designs. We present a range of useful circuits using just a small number of common transistors to construct useful battery operated projects. They're ideal for beginners or those who wish to practice their electronics constructional techniques. This month's issue describes a hearing aid and a small transistor power amplifier. Later, we describe a simple metal detector and a timer circuit.

Tesla High Voltage Transformer
Now you can create sizzling DIY lightning using this small scaled-down Tesla transformer, which generates impressive sparks considering its smaller size. Full in-depth constructional details of the controller/ power supply and coil assembly are included in our constructional article. Uses readily available parts

.WARNING - Not suitable for beginners. Although this small Tesla transformer is not as dangerous as larger models, all due safety precautions must be observed completely - READ THE ARTICLE. Seek the guidance of a skilled and experienced constructor if necessary.

Wind Tunnel
- a scaled-down version (you'll be pleased to know) of a controllable wind tunnel that enables you to conduct experiments related to airflow and aerodynamics. Especially suitable for use with the Wind Speed Meter (Jan 03 issue). Wind speeds approx 1 to 8 mph, this can be altered to suit. Variable frequency induction motor design uses a 12V battery to 230V a.c. supply inverter. LCD display of rps, fan speed Hz, fan blade count. PIC 16F628 controlled, free source code available from the EPE download area as usual

.CAUTION: although this is a 12V design, mains voltages are generated in the controller circuit.

Also in this issue: New Technology Update discusses how carbon nanotubes may have a serious impact on semiconductors; Circuit Surgery offers more on MOSFETs; How car airbags work; Net Work (The Internet Column) describes paid-for search engine results; Techno Talk - our new regular feature - talks about Hotspots, wireless LANs applied to local internet feeds. Interface describes the direct control of PC serial lines via MSCOMM. Ingenuity Unlimited offers more reader's circuits.