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| Legacy Projects |

January 2009

Radar Speed Gun (Part 2); 20W Class-A Amplifier Module (Part 4); 1000:1 UHF Prescaler; Breadboarding Projects Clap Switch, and a low-budget intercom;

FlowCode and the Microchip PICKit 2 - how to use Flowcode to programme PIC microcontrollers with PICKit2; PIC n MIX -interfacing PICs via Ethernet. More details...


April 2009

Super Accurate GPS-Based Frequency Reference;

Oscar Noughts & Crosses; Versatile Four Input Mixer; Breadboarding Projects (Part 7): ultrasonic remote control; PIC n MIX – getting video from a PIC
microcontroller; Recycle It – making a vibration detector. More details...


July 2009

Data Logging Weather Station (Part 1);

Remote Volume Control & Preamplifier module (Part 2);

PICProbe logic probe;

Solar Water Heating System Controller (Part 2);

Breadboarding Projects (AM radio and a sound sensor). More details...


October 2009

Programmable Ignition System for Cars (Part 2); Minispot 455kHz Modulated Oscillator; 1 p.p.s. Driver for Quartz Clocks; Guitar to MIDI System; Circuit Surgery  Poles and Zeros; Ingenuity Unlimited: a simplified LED stroboscope; Recycle It! scrap loudspeakers; PIC n MIX: RTOS. More details...

February 2009

LED Tachometer (Part 1); Adjustable Regulated Power Supply; 20W Class-A Amplifier Module (Part 5); Breadboarding Projects Frost Alert and Simple Dice provides a random reading on a row of six leds. Circuit Surgery - MOSFET physics; Net Work - mobile Email. More details...



May 2009

Microstepping Four-Phase Unipolar Stepping Motor Driver; Infrared Audio Headphone Link for TV; Super Accurate GPS-Based Frequency Reference (Part 2); Breadboarding Projects (Part 8) motion detector and a moisture monitor Mk 2; PIC n MIX; Circuit Surgery - measuring angular velocity and rotation. More details...


August 2009

Rolling Code Keyless Entry System (Part 1);

Simple Data-logging Weather Station (Part 2); Fast Charger for NiMH Batteries; Recycle It! - low-cost large display anemometer;

Breadboarding Projects Part 11 – Mini LED Festive Lights; More details...


November 2009

Teach-In 2010: Ladder Logic programming for the PICMicro (Part 1 of 6); Class-A Headphone Amplifier;

Programmable Ignition System for Cars (Part 3); DDS DFO with mobile phone Graphics LCD; Emergency 12V Lighting Controller; Recycle It! old photocopiers; Circuit Surgery: Time Domain Response; PIC n MIX Part 2 RTOS. More details...

March 2009

LED Tachometer (Part 2 ); Digital Stereo VU/ Peak Meter; Tank Water Level Indicator; Breadboarding Projects (Part 6);

Recycle It - making something useful out of a scrap washing machine level switch; Circuit Surgery - interfacing audio equipment and matching impedances. More details...


June 2009

Solar Water Heating System Controller (Part 1); Spectacular Bike Wheel POV Display Breadboarding Projects (Part 9) a Lightning Detector, based on a 'radio on a chip' to warn of the possible likelihood of lightning discharges or thunderstorms; Circuit Surgery - triac fuses and I²R heating. More details...


September 2009

Programmable Ignition System for Cars (part 1); Rolling Code Keyless Entry System (part 2);

Random Mains Timer; Recycle It ; PIC n MIX;Circuit Surgery; Net Work. More details...




December 2009

Safe-T-Flash for SLRs; Playback Adaptor for CDROM drives ( Part 1); 12V – 24V High power  DC motor speed controller (Part 1); Knock Detector for programmable car ignition system; Teach-In 2010 Part 2; Rapman 3D Printer Review (Part 1); Circuit Surgery –transformers and impedance; Recycle It! More details...

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